“Voices” is the Fool’s Gold debut from rising electronic star NT89. It’s a hypnotic burst of chopped club music: echo chamber snare hits, endlessly rolling tom toms and the craziest vocal-as-synthesizer since Ferris stole a Ferrari to the tune of Yello’s “Oh Yeah.” But Bueller never jacked his body like THIS!

“Voices” comes backed by the pulverizing “Hot Signal” (imagine “Voices”‘ chain smoking, Gesaffelstein-loving older brother), and the dreamy thump of “Decoder,” making for one of FG’s most exciting and techno-friendly releases to date.



Style of Eye: “EP is HUGE, gonna blow up the spot!”
Craze: “Solid release. Really like Voices”
Annie Mac: “Like a George Kranz Din Da Da for the club generation. Feeling it.”
Skream: “Yeah man feeling Voices”
AC Slater: “This shit is big I love it”
Andy George (Radio 1): “Dope EP from NT89, really into it”
Fake Blood: “Voices is great. I might play it back to back with my own track Voices – Voices all the way!”
Shadow Dancer: “Wow! NT89 has done it again, Love them all.”
Boris Dlugosch: “BIG!!! especially VOICES is really really good!!”
Sam Tiba (Club Cheval): “This is hot!”
Harvard Bass: “Solid EP. Loving Voices. Will definitely be supporting”
Tommie Sunshine: “This is amazing. Full support”
Autokratz: “Love it. Nima can do no wrong.”
Tomboy: “Love the whole thing! Love.”
JWLS: “Loving this! NT89 is killing it!”
Scarlett Etienne: “Voices is a CHHYYYOOOON”
Jim-E Stack: “Shit knocks!”
Larry Tee: “Love it.”
Malente: “Big tune(s). Will play for sure!”
DJ Yoda: “Liking this one”
Dave P: “Definitely playing Voices out, it’s a gamechanger”
Don Rimini: “Such a good idea to put these kind of vocals, fresh and ’80s – I love Voices!”
Tony Senghore: “You can always count on Nima to come up with the fresh & crispy stuff. It’s techno that isn’t pretentious, uninventive or boring. Ah, the joy!”

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